Easy does it. Most home buyers can qualify for more of a home than they can actually afford. Be disciplined in your purchase. Know your families budget. Getting buried in a house payment could put a damper on the joy of home ownership.


Purchasing a home can be a very stressful time in a family’s life. Make sure when selecting a builder that you feel comfortable and confident with your selection. Know what you are purchasing when you walk into a model home. Initially your first reaction will be the “WOW” factor. Take out the furniture, paintings, knick-knacks, and ask yourself, what is really there? Do you own research and know exactly what it is you are purchasing. Never underestimate the value of a quality builder.


Once construction starts on your new home, the best advice is to take it a day at a time. There are so many variables that builders have to deal with. For example; weather, sub-contractors, schedules, material availability, and even hunting seasons. There will be periods where the home construction is going like “Clock Work”, and then there will be days where nothing gets done. The same builder could build the same plan over and over, but each home will not finish on the exact schedule. Be patient.